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Intro to divorce damage in children

Most of us know how it is when people get divorced, right? Everyone must know a member of the family, or a friend or the parents of a friend that got divorced...
Nowadays its very common in our society.
The country with the higher rate of divorce in Europe is Portugal with almost 70% of the marriages ending up on divorce. Although there is still a high demand of marriages... But, do we actually know how damaged get the kids involved in all that situation? In this blog, I am going to finally speak openly about the consequences of divorce on kids, based on my own experiences and relating with some scientific studies as well. The matter here, for those who have children, is not the divorce itself. Its the way people are getting divorced or separating, not taking in count that the children are in the middle of all that process, and if its not easy for the wife or husband even less easy it is for a young mind, that has a different understanding from the adults.  In their minds is more s…

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